LEAP 2011 Schedule

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LEAP 2011 took place on October 14, 2011.

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10:00AM Session in Cleveland L1

Portfolio Management
Chi Chen '12

Expanding and Improving the 15N NMR Metabolite Library
Emma A Hughes '13

New Life, New Job, New Future
Tea Gongadze '12

Interning as an Investment Banking Analyst: The Importance of Equity Derivatives for Value Enhancement
Kristina D. Hristova '12

Clusters Level Analysis for Economic & Socio-demographic Data —a New Practical Approach?
Jingyi Huang '12, Gayathri Venkata Ramani '12

Business Meets Media: Interning at a Business Publishing House in Shanghai
Thu Minh Nguyen '12

10:00AM Session in Cleveland L2

Motion Simulation of Geometric Constraint Structures
Felicia Cordeiro '12

Are you too gay to work in business and finance?
Dian Liu '12

Interning at a State Marketing Office in Boston
Mihaela Ana Kirita '12

Interning as a Leveraged Finance Analyst at an Investment Bank in New York City
Michelle Ma '12

Interning as a Financial Analyst at Goldman Sachs Risk Management Group
Lyubina Martinova '12

10:00AM Session in Cleveland L3

"A Genuine Florida-Cracker," and Proud of It: Investigating Arab-American Identity in Northeast Florida
Dianne Laguerta '13

Archives and Animosity: Victorian Women and Biblical Scholarship
Miriam Beatrice Cantor-Stone '12

The Philadelphia Black Panther Party's Role and Impact on the Poor Black Community from the Late 1960's to the Present
Khadija Hudson '13

History and Policy: Interning at the Cold War International History Project
Han Xu '12

The Gothic Space: Subversive Culture of the Early Gothic Novel
Mary Hofto Grae '12

Politics and Education: Interning in Brussels, Belgium for the Commission for Educational Exchange
Mary-Elizabeth Claire Novak '12

10:00AM Session in Kendade 107

Organic Vegetable Farming in the French Alps
Emily Follo '12

Interning as a Research Analyst at a Social Media Agency in New York City
Lia Mccaffery '13

Raising Awareness of the Plight of Children Worldwide
Tsitsi Sophia Khuntsaria '12

The Role of Economic Impact Analysis in Policymaking
Samia I Seraj '12

A State-level Study on Commercial Banks’ Performance in the United States
Wenye Tao '12

Interning at Coca-Cola Greater China-The Development of a Brand
Yu Yan '13

10:00AM Session in Kendade 203

Promoting Community Development and Connection through Documentary Film Production
Fay Gartenberg '12

Interning at an Interculturally-Based Language School in Argentina
Julia Florence Herman '13

Speaking in the Digital Age
Sharanya Shankar '13

Interning for State-run Media in China
Lucy Elizabeth Cummings '12

Exploring the Possibilities of Study Abroad as a Student Assistant in an Italian University Office
Kathryn Rose Higgins '12

10:00AM Session in Kendade 303

Teaching and Talking: Witnessing America's Involvement in South Africa's Education System
Hannah Claire Dicocco '12

Ending Global Poverty, Faster
Brenna E Cogswell '12

A Multidimensional Approach to Child Poverty
Noor El-Edroos '12

Community Development in Rural Togo, West Africa
Ariane J. Khalfa '12

Interning as the Executive Office Assistant at the Atlas Corps Headquarters in Washington, DC
Corina Leu '12

My Big Fat Green Summer: Fighting for Food Justice in Springfield, MA
Ayoola Maia White '13

10:00AM Session in Kendade 305

Interning as a Foreigner at an Immigration Law Firm
Rita Kerbaj '14

The Taxicabs and the Intern: A Summer Within Chicago City Government
Lydia Devotion Bowers '12

Policy Analysis: Massachusetts' Tax System
Mia M. Waldron '12

Preparing The Future for a Skilled Jamaica
Toshoi Harvey '12

Governor's Internship Program: Before, During, and After Disaster
Molly Anne Markoski '12

The Use of Ethnic Names among Resident Korean Youths in Japan
Deborah G Lee '12

12:00PM Session in Cleveland L1

3,3'- Diindolylmethane Derivatives Reduce the Expression of Histone Deacetylase-1 in Human Colon Cancer Cells
Loretah Chibaya '12

Inhibition of P-glycoprotein by Quinine Dimers
Kimberly J Edwards '13

SEA: Science and Sailing Adventure
Melissa T Ibarra '12

Preliminary Investigation of the Diet of Invasive Frog E. coqui and Its Effect on Hawaiian Invertebrates
Alexis Lillian Kriete '13

Theoretical Chemistry in Alternative Energy Research
Monica Chelliah '14, Luong Thi Hong Nguyen '12

12:00PM Session in Cleveland L2

Synthesis of Chiral Polyamine Microcapsules
Mary Adewusi '12

Investigating the Potential Effects of Environmental Factors on the Pyramidal Neuron Axon Initial Segment of the Macaque monkey Cerebral Cortex
Ilene N. Magpiong '12

Response to adult conspecific odors is modulated by salinity in metamorphosing megalopae of the fiddler crab, Uca minax
Beryl Wenona Roberts '14, Haley M Slater '14

Characterization of Thin-film Inductors
Xiaolin Hu '12

Magma Reservoirs and Radiating Dikes: a Venusian Study of Volcanic Systems
Julita Penido '12

12:00PM Session in Cleveland L3

A Free, Public Education of Quality: A Study of Participation in Chile's Student Movements.
Hilary Pollan '12

An Anthropological Study: How Education Becomes a Argentinean Social Movement
Claire Rita Meade Skotnes '12

Free and liberating: Home Economics, First Aid, Education and Law
Karen Zamora '13

Social Protection and Child Welfare: the UNICEF Approach
Yuanmei Lu '12

The Media and Political Activism
Annah Kim Nelson-Feeney '12

Interning at the African Women's Development Fund
Valerie Caitlin Tarr '12

12:00PM Session in Kendade 107

Sexual Dimorphism in Norwegian Spiders: An Internship with DAAD/RISE
Anne Arbuthnot '12

A Market-based Approach to Forest Conservation
Sarah Bridget Brady '12

Global Financial Services Practice Intern in New York
Felicia Yu '13

A Demographic Study of A. artemisiifolia (Common Ragweed) Across a Rural to Urban Gradient in Massachusetts
Jamia Linn Jennings '12

Gardening for a Sustainable Future and a Healthy Community
Ingrid Mary King '13, Maria Paula Mugnani '13

Service Unto Others
Ifeyinwa U Arinze '13

12:00PM Session in Kendade 203

An American in Chantilly: Interning as a Tour Guide at the Chateau de Chantilly
Lucy Margaret Abbott '12

Surrendering to Movement: Reflections on the Bates Dance Festival
Jennifer Lauren Cobb '12

Cracked Open : Exploring Movement Arts and Design in Europe
Elizabeth Debassio '12

Cannes Film Festival: A Life-Changing Experience
Alexandra Gabrielle Hall '12

The Discourse of Color in the Practice of Painting
Noa Kasman '12

Brooklyn to Berkeley: Summer Set Design for California Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew
Nora Marlow Smith '12

12:00PM Session in Kendade 303

Interning at a Publishing House in Ha Noi
Srishti Adhikari '12

Interning as a Journalist at an Independent Newspaper in Egypt
Deea Ariana '13

Connecting China with the World Interning at China Radio International
Simone Gloria Cote '12

Interning as a Features & Entertainment Reporter at the San Diego Union-Tribune
Megan Dean '12

Interning at NBC Universal News in Beijing, China
Lisaurel Winfree '12

Message for the People, From the People: Summer Internship at the Seattle Medium Newspaper
Gizelle Fletcher '12

12:00PM Session in Kendade 305

Political Economy of Illegal Immigration in Agribusiness
Aniqa Moinuddin '13

The Social and Spatial Makeup of a Ghanaian Community in the Bronx
Selassie Akua Sayon '13

Interning at the Department of Palestinian Afffairs in Amman, Jordan
Liana Simonds '12

A City That Works: Examining the Impact of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program and Urban Revitalization Efforts in the City of Detroit, Michigan
Marlo D Staples '12

Governors' Offices in DC: Bridging the Gap between State and Federal Government
Alexis Anderson '12

Review of Regeneration Efforts in Glasgow: What is Being Done to Alleviate Poverty and How Can the Scottish Parliament Help?
Sarah Katherine Chase '12

1:45PM Session in Cleveland L1

Characterization of Piezoelectric Polymer Material with Nano Structures for Energy Harvesting
Sarah Yasmin Dole '12

Effect of Presenilin-1 Mutations on Notch1 Processing
Elizabeth Perez '14

Fabrication, Characterization and Simulation of High Magnetic Permeability in Patterned Nano-Sized Material
Hiwot Melesse Tafessu '12

Microwave Reflection Technique for Measurements of Electron Cloud Density
Hexuan Wang '12

Genome-wide Association Studies of Psychiatric Disorders
Saranya Ramakrishnan '12

Co-crystallization of Epstein-Barr Virus Thyminide Kinase (EBV TK) with BGLF4 and BRLF1
Francisca Sefakor Mote '13

1:45PM Session in Cleveland L2

The Study of Cortical Areas in Processing Visual Information
Jackie Cheng '12

Protein Synthesis in the Somatic Gastric Nervous System of Cancer borealis
Stefanie L Eisenbach '12

Effects of Epigenetic Therapy on the Self Renewal of Epithelial Cancers
Sidra Mahmood '12

Addiction: The Hows and Whys
Tolulope Kehinde '13

Inside the Operating Room: A Study on One-Lung Ventilation Patients
Kayleigh Robyn Sechi '13

Application of Catalytic Dynamic Resolution in Synthesis of Pipecolic Acid Methyl Ester
Jin Sun Woo '13

1:45PM Session in Cleveland L3

Making Bridge Accessible for the Visually Impaired
Allison Marie Dejordy '12

Identifying Hinge Motion in Proteins
Rittika Shamsuddin '12

Capturing, Persisting, and Querying the Provenance of Scientific Data
Sofiya Kostadinova Taskova '12

Computer Modeling and Motion Simulation Techniques for Proteins
Tracy Whelen '14

Quantitative Modeling of Financial Contagion
Jialu Chen '12

1:45PM Session in Kendade 107

Groundwork for a Toolbox in Matlab to Analyze CT Scans of Coral
Alyssa Jennifer Mckenna '12

Creating a Catalyst
Jazmin Toy Locke '12

Dinosaurs, Trilobites, and Living Soils: Studies in Our Sustainable Wilderness
Jennette Page Niehaus '12

CleanWell Company Research and Development Internship
Emily Anne Paulhus '12

Watershed Management and Environmentalism at Two of the World's Largest Freshwater Lakes: Tahoe and Baikal
Leila R. Quinn '12

The Story of a Cook Stove: Carbon Finance, Youth Employment and Sustainable Livelihoods
Yiting Wang '12

1:45PM Session in Kendade 203

Interning in the Materials Department at Marc by Marc Jacobs Accessories
Jordan Avery Mcmullen '12

French Art for International Audiences
Rachel Babich '12

Mind, Body, Beyond
Jennifer Roberts '12

Seeing the World in Museums
Victoria Schmidt-Scheuber '12

I Know What You Want! Interning at an Advertising Agency in Manchester, England
Rusudan Kareli '12

Chinese Public Relations in Beijing
Marisa Rose Lum '12

1:45PM Session in Kendade 303

Advancing Civil Rights
Courtney A Cezair Mayers '13

The Right to DREAM!
Michelle Espinosa '14

Growing Food, Growing Community: A Summer Internship with a Food-justice Organization in Springfield, MA
Julianna Pierce Lord '13

Interning with Refugee Resettlement at the International Institute of Rhode Island
Sofia Cifuentes '13

Interning at a Non-Profit for Sexual Assault Victims
Caitlin Carol Monahan '13

Reproductive Rights Movement in Post-Disaster New Orleans,LA
Chiedza Christine Mufunde '12

1:45PM Session in Kendade 305

Pedagogy and Protest: Interning at a Chilean University
Layli Amerson '13

The Effect of Art on Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Lauren C Frith '12

Interning at a Study Abroad Organization in Spain and the US
Claire Marie Wheeler '12

Teaching English at Sookmyung Women's University in South Korea
Jin-Sol Lee '12

Association of Reproductive Health Professionals: Summer Education Research and Program Development
Shayla Brown '12

Intercultural Learning: Teaching English in Argentina
Helena Reddington '12