LEAP 2012 Schedule

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LEAP 2012 took place on October 12, 2012.

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Understanding Social Responsibility: Financially Empowering Underserved Populations
10:00AM in Clapp 203

Gawad Kalinga, Philippines: Social Enterprise in Farming & Reinventing Solidarity to End Poverty PDF
Amabella Charmaine Lambinicio '13

Delivering Clean Water: Interning at Safe Water Network in NYC PDF
Julia Pabla Ortega Duarte '14

Banking for the Poor: BancoEstado Microempresas and Microfinance in Chile PDF
Jiayi Qian '13

Interest-Free Microfinance: Witnessing Real World Application of 'Enlightened Self-Interest' PDF
Natasha Ansari '13

Developing Spaces of Inclusion: Approaches to Social Development in Bangladesh, China, India and Lebanon
10:00AM in Clapp 206

Capitalism Redefined: Using Social Business to Address the Economic, Social and Environmental Challenges Impacting our World PDF
Deea Ariana '13

UNDP Inititatives for Social and Local Development in Lebanon PDF
Jade Nicole Zoghbi '13

A Room with a View: Young Women, Urban Redevelopment, and the Politics of Urban Space in Dharavi, Mumbai PDF
Kalyani Monteiro Jayasankar '13

Interning as an Architectural Designer in China PDF
Haibei Peng '13

Urban Renewal in Dhaka, Bangladesh PDF
Mehnaz MT Tasnim '13

Opportunities in Finance
10:00AM in Cleveland L1

The Role of a Summer Analyst in Traditional Investment Banking PDF
Shanzeh Khan '13

The Taxation System in America! Is it Fair? PDF
Rabia Murad '14

Opportunities in Finance PDF
Charu Sharma '14

Macro Economics in Financial Research PDF
Shiyun Zou '14

Rolling with the Punches: Coping with Unanticipated Circumstances
10:00AM in Cleveland L2

Practice Versus Theory: Christiania, a True Anarchist Community? PDF
Sandra Chen '14

Interning at a Marketing/Branding Agency PDF
Isabelle Cotton '13

Northwest Trek Through the Multimedia Universe PDF
Mallory Elizabeth Kaniss '14

A Blessing in Disguise as a Cashier at Bed Bath & Beyond PDF
Linda Luo '13

Reporting from Shanghai: Working as a Staff Intern at the China Economic Review PDF
Minuri Amarasuriya '13

Semiconductor Physics
10:00AM in Cleveland L3

Transparent Schottky Barriers for Light Emitting Diodes PDF
Morgen Patterson '14

Charge Modulated Reflectance Spectroscopy on Organic Thin Film Transistors PDF
Lorelle Nicole Pye '13

Low Voltage Organic Field Effect Transistors PDF
Pawana Shrestha '13

Gated Bias Pixel Isolation for InAs/GaSb Superlattice Detector Arrays PDF
Emily Tansey '13

Silicon Carbide Nanowires Synthesized through Aluminum Catalyzed Chemical Vapor Deposition PDF
Phoebe Tengdin '13

Creating Alternative Economies
10:00AM in Kendade 107

Creating the Face of Solar Mosaic: My Summer as a Community Outreach Fellow PDF
Laura Hayden '13

More House Than They Could Afford: How Housing Markets and Policies Work to Stratify Us PDF
Marcella Maxine Jayne '13

Environmental Organizing: The Art of Social Entrepreneurship and Collaboration PDF
Molly Cristina Mcbride '14

Alternative Economic Models PDF
Aniqa Moinuddin '13

Policy in Practice
10:00AM in Kendade 203

Engaging Women in Politics PDF
Suraya Hazrati '13

Regional Integration: The Latin American Parliament PDF
Estefania EL Londono '13

Researching Conflict Mediation in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict PDF
Marion Gudrun Messmer '13

Interning as a Research Assistant at a Policy Think Tank in Washington, DC PDF
Erin Correll Syring '13

Travel In the Name of Science
10:00AM in Kendade 303

The Effect of Climate Change on the Breeding and Body Conditions of Three Species of Uca Fiddler Crab PDF
Jessica Espinosa '15

Effect of Climate Change on the Breeding and Body Conditions of Three Species of Fiddler Crabs (Genus Uca) PDF
Katrina Heilman '14

Anne Conway: Domesticity, Gender, and Experimental Philosophy in the Seventeenth Century PDF
Alena Mcnamara '13

Ecosystem-Vegetation Dynamics in sub-Arctic Stordalen Mire, Sweden PDF
Maria Mugnani '13

Communications in Diverse Markets
10:00AM in Kendade 305

Univision Innovation Team: Behind the Scenes in Marketing for Pre and Post Production PDF
Gabriela Lucia Concha-Fernandez '14

Interning as Journalist and Content Producer for Adventure Content Marketing Firm PDF
Veronica N. Crosier '13

Interning at Bates Asia - A Journey with the Changengage People PDF
Nhung Hong Doan '13

Language Strategy: It’s not what you say, it’s what they hear.® PDF
Sophia C. Yeres '13

Thrown in the Deep End and Still Swimming: Overcoming New Challenges
11:45AM in Clapp 203

Access to Justice and Legal Education - an internship experience in Northern Thailand PDF
Ellen Maria Rehnberg '15

Computational Modeling of Coupling-Induced Neuronal Synchrony in Heterogeneous Networks PDF
Elise Croteau-Chonka '13

Interning at the University of Zambia's Teaching Hospital PDF
Elizabeth Anne Kane '13

Improving the Quality of the Patient Experience in Wesson Women’s Clinic PDF
Ifeoluwa Opeyemi Abeni Olokode '13

First Footsteps in Finance: Credit Unions and Old World Banking PDF
Taniko Jackson-Martinez '13

Saying Yes- With an Education in the Arts
11:45AM in Clapp 206

An Experience in Experimental Theatre PDF
Theresa Guilfoile '13

Interning with the Dance Medicine Team at Children's Hospital Boston PDF
Margaret Frederiksen '13

Work with Perks: Interning at Improv Asylum PDF
Julia Mae Gilligan Corsetti '14

New Horizons: Locating Yourself in Unfamiliar Territory
11:45AM in Cleveland L1

Wide-Eyed in Ha Noi: Looking at Gender Dynamics and Post-War Development in Vietnam (through a South Asian Intern's Eyes) PDF
Sara Pervaiz Amjad '13

Interning as an Educational Advisor & Program Manager for the Commission for Educational Exchange in Belgium PDF
Anne Gabrielle Boucher '13

Interning at IMG: Business and Beyond PDF
Tapas Sudheendra Kulkarni '15

Securing the Seas: Global Security from a Corporate Standpoint PDF
Scarlett Lucia Montenegro '14

Teaching Internship in Argentina PDF
Kathryn Adelaide Cooper '13

Powering Tomorrow: Solar Energy
11:45AM in Cleveland L2

Thin-Film Processing and Characterization of Polythiophene Solar Cells PDF
Shehzeen Samarah Hussain '14

Can We Live off of Solar Energy? PDF
Sadia Khatri '14

Renewable Energy: A Pathway to Sustainability through Solar Energy and Bicycle-powered Technologies in Rural Communities PDF
Rudo Esther Mudzi '14

Initial Attempt at the Fabrication of Bulk-Heterojunction Polythiophene Solar Cells at Mount Holyoke College PDF
Andrea L Miranda '13

Layer-by-Layer Assembled Nanostructured Hybrid Solar Cells PDF
Margaret A Stevens '14

Fabrication of Organic Solar Cells Process: Evaporation, and Literature Research on Bicycle Pump Technology PDF
Georgina Tolgos '14

Research In and Out of the Field: Unexpected Lessons from Cairo, Cambridge, D.C. and Bolivia
11:45AM in Cleveland L3

Where the Orient Meets the Occident: Researching American Missionaries and Egyptian Education in Post-Revolution Cairo PDF
Dianne K Laguerta '13

Rio for Breakfast, Blogs for Dinner: A Summer at the Worldwatch Institute PDF
Seyyada A Burney '13

Remittances and Governance in Nepal: a Vicious Circle or a Path to Government Accountability? PDF
Anna Malinovskaya '14

Cultures of Coping: Women in Zimbabwe, New Jersey, and Massachusetts Fighting Social and Economic Stress
11:45AM in Kendade 107

Cultures of Coping: A Study of Racial and Race Related Stress PDF
Breonna Latosha Ligon-Hollinger '13

Informal Trading: Significance of its Emergence, its Role in Current Relations between Government Expectations and Informal Traders PDF
Jane Mugovi '14

Communication and Expression in Diverse Situations
11:45AM in Kendade 203

The Relationships Between Gender, Age, and Children’s Nonverbal Communication PDF
Emily A Bancroft '13

Teaching Environmental Art: An Education in Peruvian NGOs PDF
Erin Christie '13

Interning as a Writer at an Independent Local Newspaper in Alameda, CA PDF
Emily Clinton '13

Exploring the Influence of the Environment on Patients in a Mental Hospital PDF
Olivia Karolina Derks '13

Interning at an Intercultural Language Learning School PDF
Laura T Zenteno '13

Flies, Toads, and Birds, Oh My: Genetics to Biomechanics and All the Surprises in Between
11:45AM in Kendade 303

Behavioral Responses of White-crowned Sparrows (Zonotrichia leucophrys) to Synthesized Nonlinear Phenomena PDF
Ellen K Bledsoe '13

What Goes Up Must Come Down: How Cane Toads Use their Forelimbs in Preparation for Landing PDF
Eleanor Maude Maynard '14

The Effects of Starvation on Insulin Signaling and Matrix Metalloproteinase 2 (MMP2) Expression in Drosophila melanogaster PDF
Efthymia Papalexi '13

The Role of the Fruit Fly Anorexia Gene in Tissue Remodeling and Insulin Signaling PDF
Muslima Sonia Razaqyar '13

What Goes Up Must Come Down: How Cane Toads Use their Forelimbs in Preparation for Landing PDF
Flynn Vickowski '14

Making a Difference Behind the Scenes: Finding the Right Work Environment For You
11:45AM in Kendade 305

Public Advocacy and Media Studies: Intersections in Unlikely Places PDF
Sophie Rebekah Beal '13

Learning the In's & Between's of a Fortune 500 Company PDF
Dorissa Monique Hickey '13

Morphological Complexity in Oral and Written Stories Composed by Children and Low-literacy Adults PDF
Amani Talwar '14

Navigating the Non-Profit Sector: My Summer at City Harvest PDF
Elizabeth Partington '13

The Importance of Non-human Research in Biology
1:15PM in Clapp 203

Neuroeconomics: Investigating the Role of Different Neurotransmitters in Parasitoid Patch-leaving Behavior PDF
Cynthia Mei-Ling Chai '14

Interning at the Nature Conservancy - Connecticut River Program PDF
Michelle Grohe '13

Evolutionary Morphology of the Invasive Seven-Spotted Ladybug PDF
Alexis Lillian Kriete '13

Spiroplasma Prevalence in the Butterfly Danaus plexippus in Global Populations and over Time PDF
Megan Elizabeth Moore '14

Analyzing Hippocampal Bdnf Expression in Response to Alcohol Consumption and Voluntary Exercise PDF
Rachel A Foster '13

Where Can Economics Lead You?
1:15PM in Clapp 206

Interning at UNICEF, EAPRO: Research+Communications PDF
Xueqing Zhao '13

Liberal Arts in Operations PDF
Weixi Lei '13

Exploring the Dynamics of Child Poverty at UNICEF PDF
Ishani Shrestha '13

Economics Consulting Case PDF
Xi Yang '13

Field Work, Lab Work, and Parasites... Oh My! Science Experience with Field Research
1:15PM in Cleveland L1

Geospatial Modeling of Groundwater-Fed Wisconsin Lakes with Complex Flooding Patterns PDF
Hannah Leigh Honorof '13

Stress Responses in Leatherleaf (Chamaedaphne calyculata) in Response to Long-term Fertilization at Mer Bleue Bog PDF
Vi Nguyen Tuong Bui '13

Using C/N Ratios to Assess Long-Term Productivity Changes in Kettle Lakes of Southern Wisconsin PDF
Noa Karr '13

Monitoring Environmental Change of Vegetation, Sediment Elevation and Biological Diversity in Kachemak Bay, Alaska PDF
Taylor Bennett '14

What the Enzymes Tell Us: The Story of Novel Stream Pollutants along the Urban Watershed Continuum in Baltimore County, Maryland PDF
Emily Jane Eshleman '13

Organizations, Communities and Taboo Topics
1:15PM in Cleveland L2

Comparative Study of Education Services through NGOs versus the Government in Accra PDF
Ohemaa Poku '13

Interning in Russia PDF
Shannon Yoshikawa '13

Reconciliation: To See, To Know, To Remember PDF
Azra Karabegovic '13

HIV: A Social Disease PDF
Tolulope O Kehinde '13

Providing Healthcare in Marginalized Communities
1:15PM in Cleveland L3

Paper City: HIV, Opiates, and Public Health PDF
Nataliya Yuzych '13

Behavioral and Structural Barriers to Effectiveness of HIV and Hepatitis C Prevention in Syringe Exchange Programs PDF
Eliana Duncan '13

Health Care Coordination in a Correctional Facility PDF
Thea Lange '13

Promotoras y Primeros Auxilios: Empowering Community Health Workers in Peru through First Aid PDF
Caledonia Kathleen Moore '14

Cancer Resarch: Preliminary Steps towards Detection and Therapeutics
1:15PM in Kendade 107

Activating the Retinoblastoma (Rb) Tumor Suppressor Pathway to Arrest Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma (PDAC) Cell Proliferation PDF
Rosa Frias '13

Regulation of PLK1 on the Centrosome by AuroraA PDF
Veronica J Farmer '13

Possible TRAIL Death Receptor Regulation by the Ets1 Transcription Factor PDF
Raquel Linda Hernandez-Solis '14

Me, Myself, and I Doing Science: Challenges and Rewards
1:15PM in Kendade 203

A Systematic Survey of the Effect of Proton Exchange Membrane Cavity Shapes on Conductivity PDF
Mai-Anh Ha '13

Raman Spectroscopy and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) Study of Alkyl Chain Adsorption on Graphene and Graphite PDF
Yen Nguyen '13

Create your own Research Opportunity! Synthesizing Anti-Fungal Compounds from Used Frying Oil PDF
Janice Mei En Shiu '14

Think Big, Start Small
1:15PM in Kendade 303

Ferromagnetic Nanorings PDF
Mina Khan '13

The Use of Optical Activity for Single Shot Multispectral Imaging PDF
Gudfridur Bjorg Moller '14

Study of the Quality Factor of a Niobium Superconducting Radio-Frequency Cavity PDF
Qinxia Wang '13

Simulation of Magnetic Field Gradients for a Low-Energy Magnetic Particle Separator PDF
Sophia Weeks '13

Who Says You're Right Anyway?: Challenging Established Systems
1:15PM in Kendade 305

Learning how a Study Abroad Program Functions PDF
Clare M. Guarin '13

Expat Perspectives in Japan: Second Language Acquisition at Undergraduate Level PDF
Diana Stanescu '13

A Critical Perspective on the Chilean Educational System: Summer Research Experience in Santiago PDF
Ami Terachi '13

College Readiness: Finding Alternatives to Testing PDF
Nora Asedillo Cunningham '13

Shifting Vernaculars: Multicultural Perspectives in Media
2:45PM in Clapp 203

Raising a Regional Ruckus: Journalism in Southasia PDF
Meeran Karim '13

Interning for Despierta América, Hispanic America's #1 Morning Show PDF
Viviana Mauri '14

Interning at China Central Television (CCTV) PDF
Aibo Zhao '13

What's the "Use" of Land Anyway?
2:45PM in Clapp 206

Investigating Land Investments in Gambella, Ethiopia PDF
Ahdi Zuber Mohammed '13

Organic Farming in Northern California PDF
Vanessa Michelle Zapata '13

Exploring Archives: Early New England Turnpike Records PDF
Chevon C Holmes '13

Navigating Work Environments; from China to South Korea to Cape Verde
2:45PM in Cleveland L1

How to Be More Diplomatic: Consulate/Embassy PDF
Amanda Marie Bobenhouse '13

Crossing Boundaries: A Bridge to Development in Cape Verde PDF
Marleny Darosa '13

From Conference Room to Assembly line: Interning at Diguang Electronics Co., Ltd. in Dongguan, China PDF
Linnea Lee Johnson '13

Digital Signage PDF
Yeareen Yun '14

Teaching Ourselves and Others
2:45PM in Cleveland L2

Interning as a Museum Tour Guide at the Chateau de Chantilly in France PDF
Mckenzie Ann Conner '13

E. coli's Response to and Recovery from Exposure to the Antibiotic Ciprofloxacin PDF
Alexandra Lau '15

English Teaching Intern at Sookmyung Women's University in Korea PDF
Ji Sung Rhyu '13

Interning at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City PDF
Angelica G Rios '14

"Tagging" DNA Using Microfluidics PDF
Huma Yusuf '15

Personal Lessons from a Professional Journey
2:45PM in Cleveland L3

Maternity Health Policy in Sierra Leone PDF
Christiana K. Macauley '14

Development for the Diaspora PDF
Aba Mensima Turkson '14

Summer Internship at the Centre for Science and Environment in New Delhi, India PDF
Sung Hui Yang '14

A Kaleidoscopic View of Clinical Trials and Related Research
2:45PM in Kendade 107

Fifty-four Days of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Clinical Research PDF
Ifeyinwa Uzoamaka Arinze '13

Clinical and Social Perspectives on a Clinical Trial at a Low-Income City Hospital PDF
Sarah Copelas '13

Inflammasome Stimulation in Human Myeloid Dendritic Cells: Possibilities for Future Vaccines PDF
Kelsey Maness '13

Domestic Return of Overseas LTBI Testing and Treatment PDF
Xueying Zhao '13

Colors of the Rainbow: There's More Than One Thing You Can Do With Your Interest in Law
2:45PM in Kendade 203

Interning at Workers' Rights Law Center PDF
Alma Raquel Osorio '13

Empowering Women: Interning at the Women's Law Center of Maryland PDF
Martha A Segovia '13

Interning at the Recording Industry Association of America: Understanding What is Free, Fair or Infringing in the Online World and Why it Matters PDF
Rachel H Berlage '13

Re-negotiating Marital Structures in Zimbabwe: A Fight Against the Violation of Women's Rights PDF
Tracy Lukwani '14

Interning at National Advocates for Pregnant Women: The Fight Against Criminalization of Pregnant Women PDF
Sonali Ravi '14

From Class Notes to Lab Coats: Celebrating Women in Science at Mount Holyoke
2:45PM in Kendade 303

Spherical Gold Nanoparticle Synthesis and Poly(vinyl alcohol) Adsorption Mechanisms PDF
Elizabeth Laudadio '15

A Systematic Survey of the Effect of Cavity Shapes on Proton Conduction PDF
Erin A Pierce '15

Formation of DNA Hairpin Constructs Based on the TAR RNA Sequence PDF
Diana Seminario-Mccormick '14

Characterization of Macrophages in Rat Embryos PDF
Madeleine M Stout '13

How Rats, Worms and Our Own Human Cells Will Rid Us of Our Ills
2:45PM in Kendade 305

Reactivation of Epstein-Barr Virus Lytic Replication in Latently-Infected K562 cells PDF
Seav Huong Ly '13

The Effects of Dietary Restriction on the Lifespan of Caenorhabditis Elegans PDF
Rudo Makonza Goto '13

Characterizing Macrophages in the Pregnant Rat Uterus PDF
Ifrah Shahi '13

Interferon Inducible Transmembrane Protein 1 and its Interactions with the Epstein Barr Virus PDF
Swarnima Singh '13