2013 Senior Symposium Schedule

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The 2013 Senior Symposium took place on April 19, 2013.

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9:30AM Session in Cleveland L1

Stretched to the Limit: The Biomechanics of New Skin Growth PDF
Georgina Bywater Coleman '13

Microfluidics and Bacterial Chemotaxis PDF
Emma Hall Garst '13

Utilizing Microfluidics to Study Bdellovibrio Chemotaxis PDF
Veronika Kivenson '13

9:30AM Session in Cleveland L2

Take‐Home Naloxone for Opioid Overdose Prevention: Strategies to Reduce Prescription Opioid and Heroin Overdose Deaths PDF
Nataliya Yuzych '13

Using Deep Sequencing to Detect Meaningful Expression Patterns: A Case of Histones in the Developing Mus musculus Retina PDF
Mary E. Baumgartner '13

Construction of a Fine Structure Genetic and Physical Map of the Oli1 Gene in Baker's Yeast PDF
Yiwen Liu '13

9:30AM Session in Cleveland L3

Design of a Radio-Frequency Facing-Target Sputtering System for Low-Damage Thin Film Deposition PDF
Sophia Elizabeth Weeks '13

Advanced Characterization Techniques for PEDOT/P3HT Organic Polymer-Based Solar Cells PDF
Emily Terese Tansey '13

Pioneering the Fabrication and Characterization of Organic Solar Cell Devices at Mount Holyoke College PDF
Andrea Lucia Miranda '13

Studying Organic Photovoltaic Devices through Experiment Driven Simulations PDF
Phoebe Tengdin '13

9:30AM Session in Dwight 101

The Buttermilk Casket: Writing in the American Elegiac Tradition PDF
Holly Mitchell '13

"I Want a Holophrase": An Initiate's Journey into Modernity through Hope Mirrlees' Paris PDF
Emma Rice '13

The Mythology of Landscape in the American Western PDF
Genevieve Marie Oliver '13

You Live Many Other Places: A Memoir-Fiction PDF
Sylvan Esther Creekmore '13

9:30AM Session in Kendade 305

Petropolitics of the Persian Gulf: Effects on America's Regional Strategy PDF
Isabel Hale '13

Continuities in Russian Foreign and Security Policy in the Wars with Georgia 1921-2008 PDF
Marion G. Messmer '13

Public Pressure, Negative Press and Private Military Companies in Conflict PDF
Suraya Hazrati '13

9:30AM Session in Reese 302

The Weight of the Word: Language's Agency in Avant-Garde Latin American Poetry PDF
Liani Beatriz Bolanos '13

Embodied Testimonials: Feminist Resistance in Lorena Wolffer's Performances and Cultural Interventions PDF
Tiffany Landry '13

César Vallejo's Trilce: A Deconstructionist Philosophical Dialogue with the Avant-garde Peruvian Poet PDF
Laura Keyt '13

Ceaseless Languages: The Subversion of the Bildungsroman in Paradiso (José Lezama Lima 1966) PDF
Shamoni Sarkar '13

10:45AM Session in Cleveland L1

Site Directed Mutagenesis of Heat Shock Protein Hsp27 PDF
Courtney Beth Caminiti '13

Preparation and Characterization of Mutations in the Substrate Binding Domain of Small Heat Shock Protein Hsp27 PDF
Pei Liu '13

Pinning Down a Shape Shifter: Characterization of HSPB1 Dimers and Their Role in Preventing Disease-Associated Protein Aggregation PDF
Caroline M. Weber '13

The Role of the Drosophila Anorexia Gene in Insulin Signaling and Metamorphosis PDF
Muslima Sonia Razaqyar '13

I've Got a Friend in Me: L. rhamnosus and the Human Biome PDF
Caitlin Woulfe Pacheco '13

10:45AM Session in Cleveland L2

Engineering Perfringolysin O Mutants with Different Cholesterol Binding Thresholds PDF
Francisca Sefakor Mote '13

Does Height Matter? The Effects of Take-off Elevation on Forelimb Movements during Jumping and Landing in Cane Toads PDF
Eleni Electra Karagiannis '13

The Role of Regenerating Islet-derived 1 (Reg1) Protein in the MAIDS Model PDF
Ifeoluwa Opeyemi Abeni Olokode '13

IFN-γ and IL-10 Regulation in MuLV-Infected MAIDS Model PDF
Stephanie Margaux Roses '13

'Tis a Gift (not) to be Simple: The Membracid Pronotum and the Origin of a Little Complexity PDF
Anna Marie Kudla '13

10:45AM Session in Cleveland L3

Measuring Charge of Individual Quantum Dots PDF
Qinxia Wang '13

Thermoreflectance Imaging of a Mid-Infrared Plasmonic Metamaterial
Jessica Freese '13

Charge Modulated Reflectance Spectroscopy of Organic Field-Effect Transistors PDF
Lorelle Nicole Pye '13

Magnetic Nano-particles: Synthesis, Application, and Challenges PDF
Hayat Reshid Ahmed '13

Synthesis and Self Assembly of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles PDF
Elizabeth A. MacLauchlan '13

10:45AM Session in Dwight 101

Inventing Nature: Creating through Repetition PDF
Elizabeth Tallmadge '13

Diffused Dimensions: Drawing as a Way of Seeing PDF
Ziwei Zhang '13

Tongue-Tied in America: The Decline of Foreign Language Education in an Age of Globalization PDF
Katherine Bussiere '13

Stepping into Academia: First-Year Students' Experiences of Writing at Mount Holyoke PDF
Layli Maria Amerson '13

Missing Stories
Zanna Katlyn McKay '13

10:45AM Session in Kendade 305

Remains of Genocide: The Impact of Objects in Negotiating Politically Sensitive Memorial Spaces in Rwanda PDF
Kelsey Elizabeth Rogers '13

Restoring the Broken Palmyra: Reconciliation in Post-Conflict Sri Lanka PDF
Meeran Karim '13

Staging Partitions and Holocausts: The Performance of Politics in Nazi Germany and Pre-Partition India PDF
Sara Pervaiz Amjad '13

Forging Nepali-ness: The History of Nepali Sub-nationalism in Darjeeling PDF
Ajapa Sharma '13

10:45AM Session in Reese 302

Relational Health and Attachment Style: A Focus on Predicting Psychological Adjustment in Friendships
Amanda L. Levy '13

Relational Health and Attachment Style: A Focus on Predicting Psychological Adjustment in Friendships
Breonna Latosha Ligon-Hollinger '13

The Antecedents and Outcomes of Self-Regulation in Childhood PDF
Emily A. Bancroft '13

The Prosody of Humor PDF
Janice M. Daly '13

The Prosody of Humor PDF
Jillian London '13

12:45PM Session in Cleveland L1

How the Drosophila melanogaster Larval Fat Body Escapes Early Cell Death PDF
Zhivka Ivanova Hristova '13

Role of a Small Inverted Repeat Sequence in Regulating Gene Expression during Bacillus subtilis Sporulation PDF
Allison Jessica Matthews '13

Evaluating Early Differences in Regulatory T Cell Levels in the MAIDS Model of AIDS PDF
Maria Elena Ayala Ramirez '13

Inducing Fatty-acid Oxidation by Modifying the Metabolic Pathway PDF
Rahel Fetene Kebede '13

12:45PM Session in Cleveland L2

What Is the Sound of Fear? Behavioral Responses of White-crowned Sparrows (Zonotrichia leucophrys) to Synthesized Nonlinear Acoustic Phenomena PDF
Ellen K. Bledsoe '13

The Influence of Body Size and Environmental Temperature on the Survival of an Invasive Sea Anemone in the Intertidal PDF
Nuria Louise Clodius '13

Mating in a Harem: Factors of Aggression in Female mbuna Cichlids PDF
Caitlin Rose Lewis '13

Immune Cells: Their Unique Phenotype in the Pregnant Rat Uterus PDF
Ifrah Shahi '13

12:45PM Session in Cleveland L3

Hybrid Nano-Biosystems: A Study on the Effect of Quantum Dots on the Bacteriorhodopsin Photocycle PDF
Terianna J. Wax '13

Hack Writer or Science Popularizer? Ferdinand Hoefer and 19th Century Historiography of Chemistry PDF
My-Linh Nguyen '13

Adsorption of Poly(vinyl alcohol) onto Gold Nanoparticles PDF
Yen Nguyen '13

Preparation and Subsequent Surface PEGylation of Crosslinked Polydimethylsiloxane Substrates with Tunable Moduli PDF
Wanxin Wang '13

12:45PM Session in Dwight 101

The Oral History of the Mount Holyoke Women's Studies Program and Gender Studies Department PDF
Emily Marie Rea '13

The Oral History of the Mount Holyoke Women's Studies Program and Gender Studies Department PDF
Michaela Schwartz '13

No, Really: What Is Cosplay? PDF
Natasha Katarina Nesic '13

Designer Vaginas: Examining the Rhetoric Surrounding Labiaplasty, Vaginal Rejuvenation and Female Genital Mutilation PDF
Lydia Kennison Malone '13

12:45PM Session in Gamble B

Zao Wou-Ki, the Modern Chinese Painter Abroad PDF
Sisi Gong '13

Japanese Netsuke: Manipulating Japanese Art in the West PDF
Yingxi Gong '13

Almost Human: A Debate between Surface and Self PDF
Keenan Hale '13

No Place I've Slept in Will Ever Be Quite as Good PDF
Shelley Picot '13

12:45PM Session in Hooker

Identity, Self, and the Politics of Homemaking and Diaspora PDF
Seyyada A. Burney '13

Geospatial Modeling of Groundwater-Fed Wisconsin Lakes with Complex Flooding Patterns PDF
Hannah Leigh Honorof '13

The Effects of Mesoscale Eddies on Surface Productivity and Deep Ocean Particle Flux in the Sargasso Sea PDF
Anika A. Aarons '13

Revisiting the Long Branch Boardwalk
Meaghan Burke Collins '13

12:45PM Session in Kendade 303

A Saint, an Anchoress, and a Hysterical Housewife: Comparing Female Christian Mystics of the Fourteenth Century PDF
Dorothy Catharine Smith '13

No Longer Creatures of Habit: The IHM Sisters and Conflicts of Obedience PDF
Marielle Sweeney '13

Tibetan Bhikṣuṇīs and Roman Catholic Womenpriests: The Nature of Gender Reform in Religious Institutions PDF
Robyn Spateholts '13

12:45PM Session in Kendade 305

The Effects of Repayment Policies on Doctors' Decisions PDF
Xi Yang '13

Land Grabs as a Development Strategy PDF
Edem Sarah Torkornoo '13

12:45PM Session in Reese 302

Adjustment of International Students to College PDF
Nazish Munir '13

When and Why Do We Stereotype Our Own Groups? Evidence from the Five Colleges PDF
Beier Yao '13

Classroom Implications of Adult Native and Non-Native English Speakers' Acquisition of Basic Literacy Skills PDF
Julia Herman '13

The Effect of Mothers' Work Histories on Closeness with College-aged Daughters PDF
Katharine Fridrich Guarino '13

The Effect of Mothers' Work Histories on Closeness with College-aged Daughters PDF
Elizabeth Partington '13

2:00PM Session in Cleveland L1

From Darkness to Light: Gene Therapy for Inherited Retinal Disorders PDF
Yucheng Chen '13

Reactivation of Epstein-Barr Virus Lytic Replication in Latently-Infected K562 Cells PDF
Seav Huong Ly '13

Genetic Analysis of the Binding of Oligomycin to ATPase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae PDF
Aniqa Osmani '13

2:00PM Session in Cleveland L2

The Expression of Surface Proteins in Decidual Macrophages of Pregnant Rats during Placental Vascularization PDF
Madeleine Stout '13

The Effects of Starvation on Insulin Signaling and Matrix-MetalloProteinase 2 (MMP2) Expression in Drosophila Melanogaster PDF
Efthymia Papalexi '13

The Role of MMP-2 in Insulin Signaling and Cell Death in Drosophila Fat Body PDF
Yeonhee Amy You '13

The Genetic Relationship Between Autophagy and Fat Body Remodeling in Drosophila melanogaster PDF
Constance Gladys Ward '13

2:00PM Session in Cleveland L3

Quantifying Chemotaxis in Escherichia coli and Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus Using A Flow-Based Microfluidic Device PDF
Emma Alexandra Hughes '13

Structure and Dynamics of DNA Containing the cis-syn Thymine Dimer Lesion PDF
Leah Nicole Huiting '13

Interaction of Bdellovibrio with Decoy Bacteria in Mixed Microbial Biofilms PDF
Hube Zahra '13

Utility of a Reversible Carbonyl Addition Reaction in the Synthesis of Interlocked Molecules PDF
Rudo Makonza Goto '13

2:00PM Session in Dwight 101

Nazar, the Social Pathogen: Examining Illness Causation Cross-Culturally PDF
Masarath Aman '13

The Right to a Protected Pregnancy: Models of Perinatal Support for Women in Massachusetts Correctional Facilities PDF
Cassidy E. Bommer '13

"La Primera Barrera Somos Nosotros": The Role of Societal Stigma in Adolescent Sexual Health PDF
Natalie Penhale Johnson '13

2:00PM Session in Gamble B

The duc d'Aumale's Creation of the Musée Condé PDF
McKenzie Ann Conner '13

Fashion Meets Green at the Place Charles de Gaulle, Paris PDF
Lusha Sun '13

Politics and Power Play as Designers of the Urban Structure of Dhaka City PDF
Mehnaz Tasnim '13

SixtyNine Seventy, The Spaces Between: An Urban Ideas Competition PDF
Haibei Peng '13

2:00PM Session in Hooker

Land Grabs: Investigating Land Investments in Gambella, Ethiopia PDF
Ahdi Zuber Mohammed '13

Photosynthetic Performance of Leatherleaf (Chamaedaphne calyculata) after Twelve Years of Nutrient Addition at Mer Bleue Bog PDF
Vi Nguyen Tuong Bui '13

What the Enzymes Tell Us: The Story of Novel Stream Pollutants Along the Urban Watershed Continuum PDF
Emily Jane Eshleman '13

Ecosystem-Vegetation Dynamics in Sub-arctic Stordalen Mire, Sweden PDF
Maria Paula Mugnani '13

2:00PM Session in Kendade 305

Is China in a Middle-Income Trap? PDF
Minuri Amarasuriya '13

Marginal Productivity Theory and the Search for a Natural Economic Law PDF
Anne Harper '13

Germany's Role for Financial Stability in the European Monetary Union PDF
Silviya Kostadinova Vlahova '13

2:00PM Session in Reese 302

Virtuous Daring: Women and Madness in the Spanish Golden Age PDF
Persephone Hernandez-Vogt '13

Anne Conway's Intellectual Neighborhood: Gender and Natural Philosophy in the Seventeenth Century PDF
Alena McNamara '13

Tales of Ophelia PDF
Cynthia Lucille Capeloto '13

Female Voices in J.M. Coetzee's Fiction PDF
Rachel W. Parker '13

3:15PM Session in Cleveland L1

Antipredator Behavior in Pavement Ants, Tetramorium sp. E PDF
Kelsey McNew '13

Effect of a Disrupted Light-Dark Schedule on Fearfulness in Mice PDF
Tolulope Kehinde '13

The Weil Zeta Function for Curves PDF
Vy Thi Khanh Nguyen '13

Evidence for Groundwater Sapping on Mars from Junction Angles of Nirgal Vallis Tributaries PDF
Natalie H. Glines '13

Elicitation of Gestures for Image Editing PDF
Andreea Valentina Bancila '13

3:15PM Session in Cleveland L2

The Effects of βftz-f1 on E74A and E75A Expression in Fat Bodies and Larval Salivary Glands in Drosophila melanogaster PDF
Ruhina B. Rafiq '13

Role of Cell Death Gene dronc in Fat Body Remodeling in Drosophila PDF
Lubna Saqran '13

The Expression of the forkhead Gene in Drosophila melanogaster Fat Body PDF
Swarnima Singh '13

Characterization of quick-to-court in Drosophila melanogaster and Its Role in Courtship Behavior PDF
Rachel Ann Foster '13

The Role of an RNA Hairpin in Translation Regulation in Bacterial Development PDF
Veronica Jeanne Farmer '13

3:15PM Session in Cleveland L3

A Systematic Survey of the Effect of PEM Cavity Shapes on Conductivity PDF
Mai-Anh Ha '13

Exploring Proton Conduction Pathways and Patterns in Perovskite Systems PDF
Rachel Krueger '13

Comparing Proton Conduction Pathways in Al and Y doped BaZrO3 PDF
Fan-Jean Liu '13

Directing Traffic: Applying an Electric Bias to a Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation of Proton Conduction in Fuel Cells PDF
Marie E. Sweet '13

Building an Electrical Interstate: Finding Proton Transfer Pathways across Grains with Different Dopant Concentrations of Yttrium doped BaZrO3 PDF
Xintong Zuo '13

3:15PM Session in Dwight 101

Stokely Carmichael: Transition from Black Nationalism to Pan-Africanism
Emily Bouvier '13

Barriers to Advancement in Nursing Support Careers: A Political and Statistical Approach PDF
Jordan Ruth Seto '13

How to Run for President: Advice for a Female Candidate PDF
Sharanya Shankar '13

Preserving the Welfare State: Spanish Health Care in Crisis PDF
Emma Pinsky Adelman '13

The Mr. Moms of Today: Explaining Gendered Parental Leave Policies Across 23 OECD Countries PDF
So Jin Lee '13

3:15PM Session in Gamble B

Summer at Yasnaya Polyana: A One Act Play Directed for the Stage PDF
Laura Donovan '13

Body Modification in Costuming: Wings PDF
Caitlin Leverenz '13

Dance and Stress: Exploring Physiology through Choreography PDF
Margaret A. Frederiksen '13

Dancing Down the Rabbit Hole PDF
Olivia Jane Lee '13

Moving with Purpose: My Journey Teaching Dance
Korinna Georgianna MacNeill '13

3:15PM Session in Hooker

Mustangs and Mexican Vaqueros: Traversing Landscapes of Invasion in the Great Basin PDF
Julia Cyrene Frankenbach '13

Involuntary Displacement and the Belo Monte Dam: Changes in Self-Perception of the Volta Grande’s Displaced Riverine Peasants PDF
Hannah Katherine Khouri '13

3:15PM Session in Kendade 305

Growing a Community: Refugee Farming, Community Building, and the Fight for Food Justice in Springfield, MA PDF
Danielle Wayda '13

Turning Full Circle: How We Value What We Have PDF
Atma Kaur Khalsa '13

Social and Economic Bridges to the Future: Sustainable Policies for Small Post-Industrial American Cities PDF
Kim Mary Fielding '13

“Water, water, everywhere, not a drop to drink”: The Impact of Commodification of Drinking Water through Social Business on Poverty Alleviation in Rural Bangladesh PDF
Deea Ariana '13

Young Women, Urban Redevelopment, and the Politics of Space in Dharavi, Mumbai PDF
Kalyani Monteiro Jayasankar '13

3:15PM Session in Reese 302

The People's Palace of Late Victorian Scotland: The Making and Meaning of the Scottish Pub PDF
Stephanie Gray '13

The Changing Role of History Education in South Africa PDF
Maxine Gillian Getz '13

An Acre of America...In Cairo? A Distortion of National Identity at the American University in Cairo, Egypt 1919-1950 PDF
Dianne Kate Laguerta '13

The Israel-Palestine Conflict Through a Chinese Lens: A Retrospective Study PDF
Danielle Kerem '13

Migration, Work, and Inclusion: An Analysis of the Chinese Immigrant Experience in Italy PDF
Susannah McEvoy Gilbert '13