2014 Senior Symposium Schedule

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The 2014 Senior Symposium took place on April 11, 2014.

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9:30AM Session in Cleveland L1

Biaxial Wrinkling of Organic Single Crystals PDF
Shehzeen Samarah Hussain '14

Charge Transport in Organic Field Effect Transistors PDF
Morgen E. Patterson '14

Employing Cascaded Energy Structures in Next-Generation Photovoltaic Devices PDF
Margaret A. Stevens '14

Measurement of Ultrasonic Tissue Characteristics of Malignant Colon Cancer Cells PDF
Gudfridur Bjorg Moller '14

9:30AM Session in Dwight 101

Writing Resistance: Graffiti as an Expression of Identity and Reclamation of Space PDF
Abigail Noemi Hernandez '14

Intellectual Property and Feminist Epistemology PDF
Tatum Lindsay '14

A Talk on Existential Ethics PDF
Ashley B. Amon '14

9:30AM Session in Kendade 305

Public Mass Murder in the United States: A Case Study on the 2012 Theater Shooting in Aurora, Colorado PDF
Elizabeth D. Sandman '14

Halt at Om: Community Forming in the Yoga and Equestrian Worlds PDF
Alana Brewster Bernhardt '14

Stars Within Our Reach: The Production and Signification Process of Celebrity in Modern American Society PDF
Mallory Elizabeth Kaniss '14

Coughing Out Grievances: Rethinking Citizenship with Abahlali baseMjondolo PDF
Sanayah Malik '14

9:30AM Session in Reese 302

How Do High Achieving Women and Men Manage their Work and Non-Work Lives? PDF
Kathleen Campos-Banales '14, Lydia S. Varon '14

Chinese Transracial Adoptees’ Experiences with Discrimination PDF
Anna Nicole Dartley '14

Envisioning Change: How Long Term Psychiatric Patients and Ex-Patients Think About Recovery PDF
Tisa F. Kent '14

Agency, Empowerment, and Antidepressants: A Qualitative Analysis of First-Person Accounts PDF
Emily E. Robinson '14

10:45AM Session in Cleveland L1

Dopamine Modulates Neural Activity Through a Novel Mechanism: RhoA Signaling and the Actin Cytoskeleton PDF
Victoria F. Beja-Glasser '14

Investigating Octopaminergic Signaling and Tau Toxicity in a Drosophila Model of Alzheimer's Disease PDF
Cynthia Mei-Ling Chai '14

The Effect of Environmental Enrichment on Tau Toxicity in Drosophila melanogaster PDF
Sarah J. Dunalewicz '14

Changes in Behavioral Response to Hormones: The Role of the Hormone Environment During Pubertal Development PDF
Amanda Moyer '14

Reactive Astrogliosis in Peripubertal Female Mice PDF
Catherine M. Havemann '14

10:45AM Session in Cleveland L2

HDAC3 is Required for T cell Development PDF
Barsha Dash '14

Diabetic and Normal Pregnancy in a Rat Model: Uterine Macrophage Phenotypes and Tissue Remodeling
Meagan Ann Jones '14

Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH)—Analysis of Risk Factors: Is PPH a Normal Risk Associated with Labor or Are there Underlying Disease Mechanisms that Increase Probability? PDF
Isolde Deirdre Maher '14

Regulation of Gene Expression During Drosophila melanogaster Metamorphosis PDF
Elizabeth Perez '14

Control of Programmed Cell Death in Fruitflies PDF
Ruhina B. Rafiq '14

10:45AM Session in Dwight 101

Creating Functional City Spaces: A Minimalistic Approach to Redeveloping Piazza San Marco in Florence, Italy PDF
Malika Kaur Phanda '14

Penn Station Reimagined PDF
Emilija Landsbergis '14

The Modernist Approach to Master Planning: A Critical Analysis of Historical Precedents and the Application of Modernist Techniques in Present-Day Design PDF
Violette Levy '14

Tradition and Innovation: An Exploration of the Relationship between Historic and Modern Architecture in Siena, Italy PDF
Ayesha D. Agha '14

10:45AM Session in Kendade 305

Beyond the Russian Frontier: Studies in the Republic of Georgia PDF
Billie Jean Stirewalt '14

Global Contexts of the 2008 Russo-Georgian Conflict PDF
Nell Crumbley '14

A Solidarity of Opposition: New Insights into Contacts and Connections between the Civil Rights Movements of the GDR and Poland PDF
Marta Checko '14

Taboo Topic: Döner rettet Deutschland. Is Turkish-German Entrepreneurship the Future of the German Economy? PDF
Pia S. Matthes '14

Constructing the World around Them: Colonial Fantasies and National Identity Building during the Age of the Enlightenment and Imperialism in the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation PDF
Niole Nelson '14

10:45AM Session in Reese 302

Focusing on Lexical Stress PDF
Johanna Andrea Kneifel '14

The Effectiveness of Reading Comprehension Strategies Used by College Students PDF
Sharon Kwabi '14

Literacy and Comprehension: Reading Strategies, Working Memory Capacities and Reading Conditions PDF
Han Xu '14

12:45PM Session in Cleveland L1

Characterization of Mutations in Small Heat Shock Proteins that Influence Substrate Binding PDF
Aichurok Kamalova '14

Exploring the Link Between Rescue Behavior and Experience in the Pavement Ant, Tetramorium sp. E PDF
Alexis Lillian Kriete '14

Does Rescuing a Nestmate from a Predatory Antlion Enable Ants of Tetramorium sp. E to Avoid Antlions in the Future? PDF
Felicia A. Harrsch '14

Social Bonding in Microtus pennsylvanicus: Characterization of the Oxytocin Signaling Seasonally and During Social Reunion PDF
Angela Marie Licata '14

Importance of the Tail in Anolis carolinensis for Controlling In-air Stability PDF
Flynn Broman Vickowski '14

12:45PM Session in Cleveland L2

Courtship, Sexual Behavior and quick-to-court: Drosophila melanogaster Edition PDF
Jackelyn S. Guevara '14

Culturing Glial Cells in Drosophila melanogaster PDF
Uzma Zafira Hussain '14

The Link Between Steroid Hormone-Mediated Autophagy and Insulin Signaling PDF
Giulia Notarangelo '14

Genetic Control and Regulation of Drosophila melanogaster Tissue Remodeling PDF
Nancy Kathrine Pohl '14

Insulin-like Receptor: The First Step into Drosophila melanogaster's Insulin-signaling Pathway PDF
Jasmine Wong '14

12:45PM Session in Cleveland L3

Sparks and Ripples: A Journey from Spirit into Action PDF
Lucia Isobel Arthen '14

Embracing Diversity: Resistance Against Monocultures in the United States PDF
Allison V. Fisher '14

Growth in the Greenhouse PDF
Mia Logg '14

The Importance of Peatlands and Conducting Research: Examining Nitrogen Fixation Rates at the Mer Bleue Bog PDF
Sabrina Rebeca Livne-Kennedy '14

The Effect of Nutrient Limitation on Substrate Induced Microbial Respiration at Mer Bleue Bog PDF
Emma Singer '14

12:45PM Session in Dwight 101

Empty Classrooms and Crowded Streets: Suggestions for Solving the Education Crisis in Zimbabwe PDF
Jane Mugovi '14

Performed Belongings: Creating Music and Musicians in a South Indian Diasporic Community PDF
Divya Chandramouli '14

Reciprocity in Dar es Salaam: A New Language Learning Pedagogy PDF
Erin Reynolds '14

Politics of Jewish Communities in Late Ottoman to Early British Mandate Palestine PDF
Kelsey Marie Abney '14

12:45PM Session in Gamble B

Process Narrative: Shaping a Personal Reality PDF
Ji Sun Kim '14

Visual Parataxis: Representing Perception in Paint PDF
Sophia Miller '14

Investigating Installation Space in Different Environments PDF
Lori A. Lamberto '14

Mapping Emotions: Visualizing Affective Impact on Our Internal Framework PDF
Tsholofelo Thekiso '14

12:45PM Session in Kendade 305

The Effectiveness of the 'Responsibility to Protect' (RtoP) Doctrine of Humanitarian Intervention PDF
Syeda Nazifa Tasnim '14

Differences in Resistance Patterns PDF
Jeylan Mammadova '14

Rethinking the Role of Victims in Transitional Justice PDF
Meghan Guptill '14

The Politics of Memory Surrounding Enforced Disappearances: A Comparative Study of Argentina and Lebanon PDF
Rita Kerbaj '14

12:45PM Session in Reese 302

China's Shadow Banking: The Next Financial Crisis? PDF
Shiyun Zou '14

Empirical Critique of the Existing Studies about Horizontal and Vertical Productivity Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment in Vietnam PDF
Anna O. Malinovskaya '14

Sealing the Deal: An Empirical Analysis on the Success Probability of an M&A Bid PDF
Phi H. Ngoc Le '14

Media Entrepreneurship: Technology, Vision, Venture PDF
Amal Fahem '14

2:15PM Session in Cleveland L1

Minimizing the Hydrophobic Recovery of Polydimethylsiloxane after Oxygen Plasma Treatment PDF
Lien Dieu Nguyen '14

Interactions between the Spiroiminodihydantoin Lesion and Nucleosome Core Particles PDF
Raquel Linda Hernandez-Solis '14

Investigating the Mechanism of Inhibiting RORC Nuclear Receptor PDF
Zaidat Nafiya Ibrahim '14

2:15PM Session in Cleveland L2

My Tail Costs an Arm and a Leg: The Effects of Caudal Autotomy on the Kinematics of Anolis carolinensis Running on an Arboreal-like Substrate PDF
Eleanor Maynard '14

Development of a LAMP Assay to Screen for Animal Chlamydiosis PDF
Katherine Schlusser '14

Regulation of sigG, a Gene in Bacillus subtilis, Through mRNA Secondary Structure PDF
Jacquelin M. Jackter '14

Isolation and Characterization of Chloramphenicol Resistant Mutants in Saccharomyces cerevisiae PDF
Sara Abdullah '14

2:15PM Session in Cleveland L3

The Effects of the 1932 and 1984 Olympic Games on the Urban Development of Los Angeles
Liana Jacqueline Lazer Bernt '14

Basic Paleomagnetic Properties of Obsidian from the Mount Taylor Region of New Mexico PDF
Michaela Kim '14

Basalt Inflation Plateau Escarpment Crack Patterns-Field, GIS and Analog Modeling of the McCartys Flow and Implications for Mars PDF
Jessica C. McHale '14

Capitalism and the Accumulation of Waste PDF
Monica Sooae Son '14

2:15PM Session in Dwight 101

The Interplay Between Reader, Writer, and Narrator in the Genre of the Short Story PDF
Christina Stathopoulos '14

This Presentation Is Not Yet Rated: Contains Thorough Analysis of American Narrative Cinema, Censorship, and "Fifty Shades of Grey" PDF
Elizabeth Baker '14

Screenwriting: From a Blank Page/From an Existing Text PDF
Erica Moulton '14

2:15PM Session in Gamble B

A Southwesterner's Landscape: Handmade Paper Collage and Sculptural Paintings PDF
Michelle E. Olguin '14

The Sculptural Presence of Hidden Emotions PDF
Elizabeth Honorato '14

2:15PM Session in Kendade 305

Ludwig Lives: The Influence and Remembrance of a Pop Icon PDF
Abigail Robbins '14

The Devious Maids' Dilemma: Latina/os in Hollywood PDF
Viviana Mauri '14

YouTube as a Gendered Space PDF
Elena Alexandra Mitchell '14

2:15PM Session in Reese 302

Individual and Communal Medicine During the Black Death of 1347-1351 PDF
Meagan Selby Allen '14

Manuscripts: Illuminating the Mysteries in the Margins PDF
Brittany Osborn '14

Through the Eyes of Arnost Lustig: God and the Holocaust PDF
Alexandra Trost '14

Feminism in the Christian Liturgical Year PDF
Elizabeth McManus '14

3:30PM Session in Cleveland L1

A Comparison of Efficacy of Present and Future HIV Drug Therapies PDF
Meredith B. Phelps '14

Coordination Between Ecdysone Signaling and Insulin Signaling During Development PDF
Bezawit Abi Woldemeskel '14

Enzyme Kinetics of Truncated Botulinum Neurotoxin PDF
Alessandra Mara Geffner-Smith '14

3:30PM Session in Cleveland L2

Wing Scale Morphology of a Sexually Dimorphic Color Pattern Element in the Butterfly Co-mimics Heliconius melpomene and Heliconius erato PDF
Megan Elizabeth Moore '14

Chicken Cancer and the Evolution of Tumor Virology PDF
Ella M. Pittman '14

Imaging Mitochondria Dynamics in Killifish and Goldfish Keratocytes PDF
Esther Rufaro Mutongi '14

Latitudinal Trends in Male Claw Size of the Fiddler Crab Uca pugnax PDF
Beryl Wenona Roberts '14

3:30PM Session in Cleveland L3

Combinatorial Analysis For Computer-aided Design PDF
Ruimin Cai '14

Decentralized Control of Multi-Robot Formations PDF
Aysha Mehjabeen '14

Population Dynamics and Size Scaling Interactions of Carcinus maenas and Littorina obtusata in Northern Maine PDF
Nicole D. Sonnert '14

3:30PM Session in Dwight 101

Creating the Self: Portraits in Victorian Literature PDF
Emily Murphy '14

"The Things That Nurture Your Talent": Voice and Countervoice in Phillip Roth (and Me) PDF
Justine Olivia Marks '14

The Letters of Miss Ada Hughes: An Historical Epistolary Novel PDF
Bailly Shannon Morse '14

Redefining the Function of Naming in Faulkner and Morrison PDF
Rebecca M.H.C. Tishler '14

3:30PM Session in Gamble B

Disinsemination: A Science Fiction Play PDF
Catia Sofia Cunha '14

Les Ivry Sœurs: A Musical in Two Acts PDF
Kristin Espí Hilty '14

The Ego; The Ritual; The Stage PDF
Rachel Blair '14

Curtain Call: A Study of Dance Performance, Circumstance, and Authenticity PDF
Mariam Dingilian '14

3:30PM Session in Kendade 305

Capitol Hill SNAP Out of It: Analysis of the Farm Bill Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Reform and Its Politics PDF
Scarlett Lucia Montenegro '14

An Analysis of a Broken Congress PDF
Bryn Hartenstein '14

Rhetoric: The Performance of Power, an Analysis of Speeches by President Barack Obama PDF
Vanessa V. Keverenge '14

3:30PM Session in Reese 302

Black Female Athletic Administrators and the Institution PDF
Quanita Rose Maria Hailey '14

Por, Para y Con la Comunidad: Analyzing the Community Health Worker Advantage PDF
Caledonia Kathleen Moore '14

Intimate Partner Violence: A Qualitative Study of Kenyan Women Survivors PDF
Mtise Mwanza '14